K&H Berlin

- Vibe before hype, don’t panic -

In a motion to challenge the insufferable state of puppetry in electronic music and to create a space for like minded creators, K&H emerges.

A perpetual shift, a disruption of long-lasting spells that corrupt the kinetic flow of ideas, and a space forged for like-minded creators: K&H expresses, shapes and breaks barriers, dismantling old structures and paving new roads, resisting capitulation to conformity.

This approach fosters creativity in various mediums, promoting an intersectional crossroads of a non-conformist movement. Vision is subjective and our spectrum knows no borders.

We are a platform for bookings, records, releases, events, sound engineering and more. As there are neither directives nor guidelines, we are the ones paving our individual paths.

In the absence of resistance, the void awaits.

- K&H -

[/kɪks/ /(ə)n/ /hʌɡs/]

Bərlin 2019


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