K&H Berlin

- Vibe before hype, don’t panic -

In a motion to challenge the insufferable state of puppetry and to create a space for like minded creators, K&H emerges. A perpetual shift to disrupt a long lasting spell seeming to corrupt the kinetic flow of ideas in the electronic music scene. 

A narrow mind strangles creativity and left is the confused spectator.

K&H is a construct to express, shape and break barriers. Designed to destroy old models and pave new ways, opposed to caving to conformity. If no one tries, the path of oblivion continues.  

This approach fosters creativity in various mediums, promoting an intersectional crossroads of a non-conformist movement. Vision can be subjective and our spectrum is wide.

K&H is a platform for bookings, records, releases, events and furthermore. 

Since there are no directives and neither guidelines, we are the ones whom will pave our individual paths.

- K&H

[/kɪk/ /(ə)n/ /hʌɡs/]

Bərlin 2019


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